New guests and more group reservations

Show your restaurant at foodfriends now!

    More customers for your restaurant.

  • Present your space, your dishes, your service in an attractive way to all smartphone users in your area.

  • Contact with potential customers in real time just as they plan their next meal and are looking for the ideal restaurant.

  • Communicate your special offers depending on the occupation of the room and keep track of all your promotions.

  • Take advantage of the dynamics of the foodfriends community that invite among themselves generating more group bookings for you.

  • Get bookings by telephone on the easy way without investing in complex systems.

    Huge impact on your profitability.

  • The group dynamic generates higher consumption per person. Better environment = higher drinks consumption.

  • Friends influence each other. When one order dessert, the other follows.

  • Group diners often eat the same, this helps the kitchen to prepare bigger portions.

  • More people per table, less walks for waiters.

  • Best experience for diners; more regular customers for your restaurant.

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  • Marketing Services

    foodfriends PLUS

    foodfriends BASIC

  • Presentation within foodfriends’ App

  • Full tasty editorial description (number of languages)



  • Number of photos within foodfriends’ App

    max. 15

    max. 5

  • Reservation feature (1-click-function for reservation over the phone)

  • Rating and comments from guests (subject to individual approval)

  • Presentation of your restaurant on

    12 months

    6 months

  • Presentation of your restaurant on Facebook-page of foodfriends

    12 months

    6 months

  • Presentation of your restaurant within email-newsletter of foodfriends

    12 months

    6 months

  • Organisation and promotion of foodfriends-events hosted at your restaurant

    12 months

    6 months

  • Europe: Price per month

    EUR 33.00

    EUR 22.00

  • Europe: Price per year

    EUR 360.00

    EUR 240.00

  • Australia: Price per month

    AUD 49.00

    AUD 33.00

  • Australia: Price per year

    AUD 533.00

    AUD 355.00

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