Join our team!

foodfriends is growing quickly and we are looking for people who would like to join our team in Lisbon, Porto, Mallorca or Hamburg and help us in one of the two areas below - or in both of them

Restaurant Acquisition & Customer Service

  • Build and manage our relationships with restaurants

  • Introduce foodfriends to restaurants and sell our marketing package “foodfriends PLUS”

  • Get content from restaurants (data, description, photos)

  • Offer paid contributions: copywriting, translations, photo production

  • Negotiate to get vouchers for events and for other marketing actions

  • Negotiate to get special benefits for foodfriends users

  • Get authorisation to use content from restaurant’s website and Facebook page

  • Contribute to our marketing strategy and product improvement

User Acquisition & Community Management

  • Design and operate campaigns and events to acquire new users

  • Build and manage a team of “taste scouts” to trigger lunch and dinner events

  • Get content from restaurants (data, description, photos)

  • Encourage users to invite family and friends

  • Create and manage Social Media campaigns, PR and events

If you are...

  • desperate to join a young startup company and to build something big,

  • a self-confident risk taker with a true entrepreneurial, commercial spirit,

  • a talented marketeer and/or a strong sales person,

  • a creative, smart person with a good education and/or professional experience,

  • a hard worker who always finds a way to reach the target and

  • a great team player ...

... then we’d like to offer ...

  • an important role in this most important earl stage of our venture

  • an attractive variable compensation package combined with,

  • a pretty low salary at least until we’ve got some venture capital on board and

  • stock options if you work as much as the founders do :)

Sounds tasty?

Then hurry, send us an email to with a short CV and let us know a bit about you, about your talents and what you would like to do at foodfriends. We’ll be in touch shortly!